Bargain : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

The Foreign Secretary was in a good bargaining position in his dealings with his opposite number in France.


1. Deal

2. Inexpensive

3. Transaction

4. Agreement

5. Contract

Contextual Examples:

Dishonest officers sometimes try to make a deal with the income-tax assesses.

Because of its comparative inexpensiveness, the new designs of the furniture became popular.

A shrewd businessman believes in cash transaction only.

In legal terminology, marriage is regarded as a contract.


1. Account

2. Closed

3. Expensiveness

4. Quittance

5. Payment

Contextual Examples:

The use of local parts in this machine accounts for its economical price.

China, which was closed country until now, has been reopened to the visitors from other countries under ordinary international law regulations.

The balancing of sales and purchases of a firm means that the firm is sound for making all payments on liabilities in time.

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