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Barrel, Barrier, Barrister

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Barrel : noun :

(a) Large round container for liquids

• He bought twenty-five barrels of wine.

• To sell wine by the barrel

(b) amount of liquid contained in a barrel

• The price of oil has reached $30 a barrel.

QUOTE : If signed the deals would give effective discounts of up to 53 a barrel on Saudi oil. (Economist)

QUOTE : US crude oil stocks fell last week by nearly 2.6m barrels. (Financial Times)

QUOTE : The average spot price of Nigerian light crude oil for the month of July was 27.21 dollars a barrel. (Business Times - Lagos)

Barrier : noun : thing which stops someone doing something, especially sending goods from one place to another

Customs Barriers or Tariff Barriers : customs duty intended to make trade more difficult

• To impose trade barriers on certain goods : to restrict the import of certain goods by charging high duty

• The unions have asked the government to impose trade barriers on foreign cars.

• To lift trade barriers from imports : to remove restrictions on imports

• The government has lifted trade barriers on foreign cars.

Barrister : noun : GB lawyer who can speak or argue a case in one of the higher courts

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