Barren : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

He made an attempt that was
barren of results.


1. Arid

2. Desert

3. Desolate

4. Dry

5. Empty

6. Unfruitful

7. Waste

8. Fruitless

9. Unsuccessful

10. Useless

11. Boring

12. Childless

13. In fecund

14. Sterile

15. Vapid

16. Unproductive

Contextual Examples:

deserts are covered by sand. Sahara desert is one of them.

We all felt absolutely
desolate when she left.

It is good to drink alcohol on an
empty stomach.

Our efforts to persuade her proved

Medical tests proved that she was

A car is
useless without petrol.


1. Fecund

2. Fertile

3. Fruitless

4. Lush

5. Productive

6. Profitable

7. Rich

8. Useless

9. Interesting

Contextual Examples:

The inner cities of this state are
fertile ground for military purpose.

I spend a
productive hour in the library.

Air America is one of the most
productive air lines in the world.

Videos are
useful things to have in the class room.

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