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Base : noun :

(a) lowest or first position

• Turnover increased by 200% but starting from a low base.

Base Year : first year of an index against which later years' changes are measured

Bank Base Rate : basic rate of interest which a bank charges on loans to its customers

Database : noun : store of information in a large computer

• We can extract the lists of potential customers from our database.

(b) place where a company has its main office or factory or place where a businessman has his office

• The company has its base in London and branches in all European countries.

• He has an office in Madrid which he uses as a base while he is travelling in Southern Europe.

Base : verb :

(a) To start to calculate or to negotiate from a position

• We based our calculations on the forecast turnover.

Based On : calculating from

• Based on last year’s figure

• Based on populations forecasts

(b)To set up a company or a person in a place

• The European manager is based in our London office.

• Our overseas branch is based in the Bahamas.

• A London-based sales executive

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