Bashful : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

After we heard the news about the failure, we were bashful.


1. Abashed

2. Blushing

3. Confused

4. Coy

5. Diffident

6. Easily

7. Embarrassed

8. Overmodest

9. Reserved

10. Reticent

11. Sheepish

12. Shrinking

13. Timid

14. Timorous

Contextual Examples:

His boss’s criticism left him feeling rather abashed.

She blushed crimson with embarrassment when I kissed her.

Do not be so coy about your achievement.

I was embarrassed by his commends about my clothes.

He seemed strangely reticent about his past.

She came into the room looking rather sheepish.


1. Aggressive

2. Arrogant

3. Bold

4. Brash

5. Conceited

6. Confident

7. Egoistic

8. Fearless

9. Forward

10. Immodest

11. Impudent

Contextual Examples:

A good sales man should be aggressive if he wants to succeed.

He has reputation for rudeness and intellectual arrogance.

I do not feel bold enough to ask for a pay increase.

Her brash and abrasive style made her unpopular.

I have always thought him to be egoistical and attention-seeking.

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