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Basic, Basics and Basically

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Basic : adjective :

(a) Normal : basic pay or basic salary or basic wage = normal salary without extra payments : basic discount = normal discount without extra percentage

• Our basic discount is 20%. But we offer 5% extra for rapid settlement.

(b) Most important : basic commodities = ordinary farm produce produced in large quantities (such as corn, rice, sugar, etc,)

(c) Simple or from which everything starts

• He has a basic knowledge of the market.

• To work at the cash desk, you need a basic qualification in maths.

Basics : plural noun : simple and important facts

• He has studied the basics of foreign exchange dealing.

• To get back to basics = to consider the basic facts again

Basically : adverb : seen from the point from which everything starts

BASIC : noun : BEGINNER'S ALLLPURPOSE SYMBOLIC INSTRUCTION CODE : simple language for computer programming

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