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Bear, Bearer and Bearing

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Bear : noun :

(a) large wild animal covered in fur

• Their advertising symbol is a bear.

(b) (Stock Exchange) dealer who sells shares because he thinks the price will fall and he will be able to buy them again more cheaply later

Bear Market = period when Stock Exchange prices fall because shareholders are selling

Bear : verb :

(a) to give interest

• Government bonds which bear 5% interest

(b) to have (a name) or to have something written on it

• The cheque bears the signature of the company secretary.

• Envelope which bears a London postmark

• A letter bearing yesterday's date

• The share certificate bears his name

(c) to pay costs

• The costs of the exhibition will be borne by the company.

• The company bore the legal costs of both parties.

NOTE : bearing - bore - has borne

Bearer : noun : person who holds a cheque or certificate

• The cheque is payable to bearer = amount can be paid to the person who holds it, but not to any particular name written on it

Bearer Bond : noun : bond which is payable to the bearer and does not have a name written on it

Bearing : adjective : which bears or which produces

• Certificate bearing interest at 5%

• Interest-bearing deposits

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