Bear : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Verb )

The only way for him to overcome the pain is to bear away the palm.


1. Cherish

2. Entertain

3. Exhibit

4. Harbor

5. Have

6. Hold

7. Maintain

8. Possess

9. Shoulder

10. Sustain

11. Uphold

12. Bring

13. Beget

14. Breed forth

15. Develop

16. Engender

17. Generate

18. Abide

19. Admit

20. Brook

21. Endure

Contextual Examples:

Children feel the need to be cherished.

They entertain a stream of visitors throughout the summer.

He has exhibited his skills and his works in several galleries.

Several boats lay at anchor in the harbor.

The winning captain held the trophy in air.

The improvement in his health is being maintained.

He decided to give away everything he possessed and to become a monk.


1. Abandon

2. Cease

3. Desert

4. Discontinue

5. Drop

6. Give up

7. Leave

8. Quit

9. Relinquish

10. Put down

11. Shed

Contextual Examples:

They abandoned their land and property to invaders.

Hostilities between the two sides ceased at midnight.

We do not sell those any more. They are discontinued line.

I give up. Tell me what the answer is.

If I do not get a pay rise, I will quit.

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