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There are innumerable beautiful expressions in English. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever is one of the immortal lines of the great poet Keats.

The Beauty is ultimate reality is another immortal lines but of Tagore. The English language abounds in such beautiful expressions which bring us immense joy. Happy turns of phrases, striking imageries, peculiar styles, semantically interesting structures and memorable phrases are added in this page.

Here are few of those immortal lines and beautiful expressions.

  1. Sadder than sorrow : sweeter than delight. (C. Patmore)

  2. See golden days, fruitful of golden deeds. (Paradise Lost 3-337)

  3. She was perfect past all parallel. (Bayron)

  4. The shirt of Nessus is upon me. (Antony & Cleopatra 4 : 10 : 56)

  5. The shortest answer is doing. (Lord Herbert)

  6. The silence that is in the starry sky, the sleep that is among the lonely hills. (Wordsworth)

  7. Sing away sorrow. Cast away care. (Cervantes)

  8. A soft embalmer of the still midnight. (John Keats : To Sleep)

  9. Some folks are wise and some are otherwise. (Smollet, Tobies)

  10. Some people are more nice than wise. (Cowper)

  11. Sound etymology has nothing to do with sound. (Max Muller)

  12. Steep’d me in poverty to the very lips. (Othello 4 : 2 : 49)

  13. (Lucy Gray) The sweetest thing that ever grew beside a human door. (Wordsworth)

  14. The sweets of love are mixed with tears. (Robert Herrick)

  15. The sum of earthly bliss. (Paradise Lost 8-522)

  16. Superstition is the religion of feeble minds. (Burke)

  17. Suspense in news is a torture. (Milton Samson 1 – 1569)

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