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There are innumerable beautiful expressions in English. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever is one of the immortal lines of the great poet Keats.

The Beauty is ultimate reality is another immortal lines but of Tagore. The English language abounds in such beautiful expressions which bring us immense joy. Happy turns of phrases, striking imageries, peculiar styles, semantically interesting structures and memorable phrases are added in this page.

Here are few of those immortal lines and beautiful expressions.

  1. There is a divinity that shapes our end. (Shakespeare)

  2. There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. (Hamlet 5-2-232)

  3. There is danger in delay. (Giles Fletcher)

  4. There is nothing either good or bad. But thinking makes it so. (Hamlet 2 – 2 -259)

  5. There is nothing great or small. (E. B. Browning)

  6. This only I know that I know not the things which I cannot know. (St. Ambrose)

  7. This was the most unkindest cut of all. (Julius Caesar 3: 2: 188)

  8. Those thoughts that wander through eternity. (Paradise Lost 2-147)

  9. Thou wander'st in the labyrinth of life. (Dryden)

  10. Thou wert my guide, philosopher and friend. (Pope)

  11. Thou life is short, let us not make it so. (Ben Jonson)

  12. Thoughts that breathe and words that burn. (Gray)

  13. Thus conscience does make cowards of us all. (Hamlet 3 : 1 : 83)

  14. Time alone doth change and last. (John Ford)

  15. Time fleets, youth fades, life is an empty dream.

  16. Time will not be ours for ever. (Ben Jonson)

  17. Time, the subtle thief of youth. (Milton : Sonnets : 7)

  18. The timely dew of sleep. (Paradise Lost)

  19. Times change and we change with them.

  20. To be or not to be : that is the question. (Hamlet 3 : 1 : 56)

  21. To take arms against a sea of trouble. (Hamlet 3 : 1 : 56)

  22. In trouble to be troubl’d.

  23. Is to have your trouble doubl’ d. (Daniel Defoe)

  24. Too greatness a greatness greatness does confound. (Barten Hobyday)

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