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Beautiful Words for 14th October :

  1. Smuggle (v) : get goods secretly and illegally

  2. Smut (n) : a stain due to soot or dirt

  3. Snag (n) : root of a tree under waster, hidden difficulty or obstacle

  4. Snail (n) : a kind of small creature with a shell

  5. Snake (n) : a long crawling reptile without legs

  6. Snap (v) : break suddenly with noise, bite suddenly, snatch with the teeth, take a snapshot

  7. Snare (n) : a trap to catch birds and small animals

  8. Snarl (v) : show the teeth the growl

  9. Snatch (v) : to seize eagerly

  10. Sneak (n) : a mean fellow

  11. Sneak (v) : go slyly

  12. Sneaking (adj.) : mean

  13. Sneer (v) : show contempt, utter contemptuously

  14. Sneeze (v) : eject air suddenly through the nose

  15. Sniff (v) : draw air forcibly up the nose, smell

  16. Snigger (v) : to laugh in sly manner

  17. Snip (v) : quickly cut off with scissors

  18. Snip (n) : an act of snipping

  19. Snore (v) : breathe noisily in sleep

  20. Snout (n) : long nose of an animal

  21. Snow (n) : white flakes of frozen water falling from the sky

  22. Snub (n) : rebuke

  23. Snub (v) : rebuke

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