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Beneficial, Beneficiary and Benefit

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Beneficial : adjective : giving profit and gains

Beneficial Occupier = person who occupies a property but does not own it fully

Beneficial Interest = interest which allows someone to occupy or receive rent from a property, but not to own it

Beneficiary : noun : person who gains money from something

• The beneficiaries of a will

QUOTE : The pound sterling was the main beneficiary of the dollar’s weakness.
(Business Times : Lagos)

Benefit : noun : payments which are made to someone under a national or private insurance scheme

• She receives £20 a week as unemployment benefit.

• The sickness benefit is paid monthly.

• The insurance office sends out benefit cheques each week.

Death Benefit = money paid to the family of someone who dies in an accident at work

Fringe Benefits = extra items given by a company to workers in addition to their salaries (such as company cars, private health Insurance)

Benefit : verb :

(a) to make better or to improve

• A fall in inflation benefits the exchange rate

(b) to benefit from or by something = to be improved by something or to gain more money because of something

• Exports have benefited from the fall in the exchange rate.

• The employees have benefited from the profit -sharing scheme.

QUOTE : The retail sector will also benefit from the expected influx of tourists.
(Australian Financial Review)

QUOTE : What benefits does the executive derive from his directorship? Compensation has increased sharply in recent years and fringe benefits for directors have proliferated.
(Duns Business Month)

QUOTE : Salary is negotiable to $30.000 plus car and a benefits package appropriate to this senior post.
(Financial Times)

QUOTE : California is the latest state to enact a program forcing welfare recipients to work for their benefits.

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