Better Than Ministers

Better Than Ministers :

One day a poor washer man loaded the clothes on his donkey's back. Then he also sat on the donkey. On the way, some people laughed at him said, "Hey! Look, a fool is riding another fool!"

The washer man replied, "He is no fool, for my donkey is smarter than the king's ministers!"

Soon the washer man’s comment reached the king's ears. He summoned the washer man and asked, "What made you claim that your donkey was so smart?"

"Your Majesty, one day as we crossed a bridge, my donkey's feet were caught in a gap between two slabs of wood on the bridge. Since then, each time when he reaches that spot, he crosses the bridge carefully. But your ministers have been spending money from the royal treasury again and again but have not learnt that they are making a mistake."

At this, the king scolded his ministers and started keeping an eye on their spendings.

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