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Bi and Bid

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Bi- : prefix : twice :

• Bi-monthly = twice a month

• Bi-annually = twice a year

Bid : noun :

(a) offer to buy something at a certain price

• To make a bid for something = to offer to buy something

• He made a bid for the house.

• The company made a bid for its rival.

• To make a cash bid = to offer to pay cash for something

• To put in a bid for something or to enter a bid for something = to offer (usually in writing) to buy something

(at an auction) Opening Bid = first bid

Closing Bid = last bid at an auction or the bid which is successful

(b) offer to do some work at a certain price

• He made the lowest bid for the job.

• US offer to sell something at a certain price. They asked for bids for the supply of spare parts

(e) Takeover bid = offer to buy all or a majority of shares in a company so as to control it

• To make a takeover bid for a company

• To withdraw a takeover bid

• The company rejected the takeover bid = the directors recommended that the shareholders should not accept it

Bid : verb : (at an auction) to bid for something = to offer to buy something

• He bid £1,000 for the jewels = he offered to pay £ 1, 000 for the jewels.

NOTE : bidding - bid - has bid

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