Bible Words List gives brief explanations of words in the Authorised Version.

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This List, which is full of Bible Words, gives brief explanations of words in the Authorised Version describing unfamiliar objects, animals, plants, weights, measures, money, and words no longer in everyday use, or now used with different meaning. This word list is endless. We have done our best to collect all the words which could be found in the Bible. You are welcome to forward to us any new word which you want to be added in this list of words.

Here is the list of words beginning with

  1. Earing : ploughing

  2. Eared : ploughed

  3. Earnest : pledge, security, deposit

  4. Easter : Passover

  5. Emeruds : swellings, haemorrhoids

  6. Endamage : damage, cause, suffer loss

  7. Endue : endow

  8. Engines : machines

  9. Enlargement : freedom

  10. Ensue : follow after

  11. Enterprise : purpose

  12. Entreated : treated

  13. Ephah : about 8 gallons or 36 litres

  14. Ephod : embroidered cape worn by priest

  15. Eschew : avoid, shun

  16. Espousal : time for betrothal

  17. Espy : see, perceive

  18. Estate : chief estates, great man

  19. Estates : estate of the elders, holding office as elders

  20. Evidently : plainly, clearly

  21. Evilfavoredness : ugliness, deformity

  22. Exchanger : money-changer, banker

  23. Expecting : waiting

  24. Experiment : proving

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