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Bidder and Bidding

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Bidder : noun : person who makes a bid (usually at an auction)

• Several bidders made offers for the house.

• The property was sold to the highest bidder = to the person who had made the highest bid or who offered the most money.

• The tender will go to the lowest bidder = to the person who offers the best terms or the lowest price for services.

Bidding : noun : action of making offers to buy (usually at an auction)

• The bidding started at £1,000 = the first and lowest bid was £ 1,000.

• The bidding stopped at £250,000 = the last bid (and the successful bid) was for £250,000.

• The auctioneer started the bidding at £100 = he suggested that the first bid should be £100.

NOTE : no plural

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