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Black : adjective : against normal or illegal

Black Market = buying and selling goods in a way which is not allowed by law (as in a time of rationing)

• There is a flourishing black market in spare parts for cars.

• You can buy gold coins on the black market.

• To pay black market prices = to pay high prices to get items which are not easily available

Black Economy = work which is paid for in cash and therefore not declared for tax

In The Black = in credit

• The company has moved into the black.

• My bank account is still in the black.

Black : verb : to forbid trading in certain goods or with certain suppliers

• Three firms were blacked by the government.

• The union has blacked a trucking firm.

Blackleg : noun : worker who goes on working when there is a strike

Black List : noun : list of goods or people or companies which have been blacked

Blacklist : verb : to put goods or people or a company on a black list

• His firm was blacklisted by the government.

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