Blame :

One day a man went for a walk on the beach. He saw that a ship full of passengers struck a rock and capsized in the sea. The ship went under water and all the people on board fell into the sea. As they did not know how to swim, they drowned one by one. The man watched all this from the shore but could not do anything to help the people.

In the evening, he narrated the sad event of the ship's drowning to his friends. Everyone felt sorry for the dead people. The man said, "God has not been just. To kill one sinner aboard the ship he killed so many other innocent people."

As he was saying this, he felt a pinch on his feet. He looked down. A red ant was biting his toe. Many other red ants were near his feet. In anger, he started stamping his feet to crush the red ants.

God appeared at the spot and said, "See, how you are killing other innocent ants to kill the one which bit you. You were blaming me for my unjust act. Look at your own actions before blaming me for anything."

The man felt ashamed as he realized his mistake.

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