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Blister Pack and Block

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Blister Pack : noun : type of packing where the item for sale is covered with a stiff plastic sheet sealed to a card backing

Block : noun :

(a) Series of items grouped together

• He bought a block of 6,000 shares.

Block Booking = booking of several seats or rooms at the same time

• The company has a block booking for twenty seats on the plane and ten rooms at the hotel.

Block Vote = voting of a large number of votes at the same time (such as those of a trade union delegation)

(b) series of buildings forming a square with streets on all sides

• They want to redevelop a block in the centre of the town.

• A block of offices or an office block = a large building which only contains offices

Block Capitals or Block Letters = capital letters (as A,B,C)

• Write your name and address in block letters.

Block : verb : to stop something taking place

• He used his casting vote to block the motion.

• The planning committee blocked the redevelopment plan.

Blocked Currency = currency which cannot be taken out of a country because of exchange controls

• The company has a large account in blocked roubles.

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