Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water. :

Blood relationship is always found to be stronger and more valuable than mere friendship formed through acquaintance. Blood ties are lasting. They have a firmer bond of affection than all other relationships. Friends may be sincere and willing to help. But they have got their limits. They often stop when they find themselves to be in troubled waters. But blood relatives such as father, mother, brother or sister will stand by our side risking even their necks. They in fact are our true allies. There might be exceptions to this rule. But true and sincere friends are often hard to get. Even if they are true and sincere, we cannot expect the greatest sacrifice from them. They give more importance to their own kith and kin. So even if true and sincere friendship is to be given due credit, we should value blood ties more. The most unselfish service is often got from our kith and kin than from friendship formed through acquaintance. They last longer and are often found to be stronger than the latter.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

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