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Board : noun :

(a) (Britain) board of directors = group of directors elected by the shareholders to run a company

• The bank has two representatives on the board.

• He sits on the board as a representative of the bank.

• Two directors were removed from the board at the AGM.

• She was asked to join the board = she was asked to become a director.

Board Meeting = meeting of the directors of a company

(b) (USA) board of directors = group of people elected by the shareholders to draw up company policy and to appoint the president and other executive officers who are responsible for managing the company

NOTE : The board of an American company may be made up of a large number of non-executive directors and only one or two executive officers. A British board has more executive directors.

(c) group of people who run a trust or a society

Advisory Board = group of advisors

Editorial Board = group of editors

(d) On Board = on a ship or plane or train

Free On Board (f.o.b.) = price includes all the seller's costs until the goods are on the ship for transportation

Board : verb : to go on to a ship or plane or train

• Customs officials boarded the ship in the harbour.

Boarding Card or Boarding Pass : noun : card given to passengers who have checked in for a flight to allow them to board the plane

Boardroom : noun : room where the directors of a company meet

Boardroom Battles = arguments between directors

QUOTE : A proxy is the written authorization an investor sends to a stockholder meeting conveying his vote on a corporate resolution or the election of a company’s board of directors.

QUOTE : CEOs with their wealth of practical experience are in great demand and can pick and choose the boards they want to serve on.
(Duns Business Month)

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