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Book : noun :

(a) Set of sheets of paper attached together

• A company's books = the financial records of a company

Account Book = book which records sales and purchases

Cash Book = record of cash

Order Book = record of orders

• The company has a full order book = it has sufficient orders to keep the workforce occupied.

Purchase Book = records of purchases

Sales Book = records of sales

Book Sales = sales as recorded in the sales book

Book Value = value as recorded in the company's books

Bank Book = book which shows money which you have deposited or withdrawn from a bank account

Cheque Book = book of new cheques

Phone Book or Telephone Book = book which lists names of people or companies with their addresses and telephone numbers

Book : verb : to order or to reserve something : to book a room in a hotel or a table at a restaurant or a ticket on a plane

• I booked a table for 7.45.

• He booked a ticket through to Cairo.

• To book someone into a hotel or onto a flight = to order a room or a plane ticket for someone

• He was booked on the 09.00 flight to Zurich.

• The hotel or the flight is fully booked or is booked up = all the rooms or scats arc reserved.

• The restaurant is booked up over the Christmas period.

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