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Bring : verb : to come to a place with someone or something

• He brought his documents with him.

• The finance director brought his secretary to take notes of the meeting.

• To bring a lawsuit against someone = to tell someone to appear in court to settle an argument

NOTE : bringing - brought

Bring Down : verb :

(a) To reduce

• Petrol companies have brought down the price of oil.

(b) To add a figure to an account at the end of a period to balance expenditure and income

• Balance brought down to £365.15.

Bring Forward : verb :

(a) To make earlier, to bring forward the date of repayment

• The date of the next meeting has been brought forward to March.

(b) To take a balance brought down as the starting point for the next period in a balance sheet

• Balance brought forward to £365.15.

Bring In : verb : to earn (an interest)

• The shares bring in a small amount.

Bring Out : verb : to produce something new

• They are bringing out a new model of the car for the Motor Show.

Bring Up : verb : to refer to something for the first time

• The chairman brought up the question of redundancy payments.

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