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Budget : verb : to plan probable income and expenditure

• We are budgeting for £10,000 of sales next year.

Budgetary : adjective : referring to a budget

Budgetary Policy = policy of planning income and expenditure

Budgetary Control = keeping check on spending

Budgetary Requirements = spending or income required to meet the budget forecasts

Budgeting : noun : preparing of budgets to help plan expenditure and income

NOTE : no plural

QUOTE : He budgeted for further growth of 150.000 jobs (or 2.5 per cent) in the current financial year. (Sydney Morning Herald)

QUOTE : The minister is persuading the oil, gas, electricity and coal industries to target their advertising budgets towards energy efficiency. (Times)

QUOTE : The Federal government’s budget targets for employment and growth are within reach according to the latest figures. (Australian Financial Review)

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