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Budget : noun : plan of expected spending and income (usually for one year)

• To draw up a budget

• We have agreed the budgets for next year.

Advertising Budget = money planned for spending on advertising

Cash Budget = plan of cash income and expenditure

Overhead Budget = plan of probable overhead costs

Publicity Budget = money allowed for expected expenditure on publicity

Sales Budget = plan of probable sales

The Budget = the annual plan of taxes and government spending proposed by a finance minister

• The minister put forward a budget aimed at boosting the economy

• To balance the budget = to plan income and expenditure so that they balance

• The president is planning for a balanced budget.

Budget Account (In a bank) = bank account where you plan income and expenditure to allow for periods when expenditure is high by paying a set amount each month

Cheap Budget Department (In shops) = cheaper department

Budget Prices = low prices

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