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Build Your Vocabulary for 1st November :

  1. Stencil (n) : a sheet of metal, card board etc, with a pattern cut out

  2. Stenographer (n) : a writer of shorthand

  3. Step (n) : the act of stepping once the distance covered by one step, a foot-step for ascending and descending

  4. Stepfather (n) : father by the second (or subsequent) marriage of the mother

  5. Stepmother (n) : mother by marriage with the father

  6. Steeping stone (n) : a stone affording a foot-rest, a means of advancement or achieving one’s aim

  7. Stereotype (n) : fixed immovable types

  8. Sterile (adj.) : batten, unfruitful

  9. Sterilize (v) : to destroy the reproductive power, disinfect

  10. Sterling (adj.) : genuine, of good quality

  11. Stern (adj.) : severe, harsh, unrelenting, strict

  12. Stern (n) : poop

  13. Sternum (n) : the breast-bone or chest-bone

  14. Stethoscope (n) an instrument used by doctors for listening to the beating of the heart

  15. Stew (v) : cook by boiling slowly

  16. Steward (n) : an officer who manages a household or estate, one in charge of stores and provisions in a ship

  17. Stick (n) : a switch, a staff, a rod

  18. Stick (v) : fix, adhere, stick in the mud

  19. Sticky (adj.) : that sticks or adheres to things, viscous

English Vocabulary Index

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