Burn Not Your House To Fright The Mouse Away.

Burn Not Your House To Fright The Mouse Away. :

Our houses, farms and fields are infested with rats. They consume 30% of our food supply. In order to get rid of them, methods like rat-poisoning and setting mousetraps are used. Cats are also reared to get rid of mice. But if they are in great numbers, it is usually difficult to get rid of them completely and quickly. It can only be done through patience. Instead if we try to burn down the house or field, just to get rid of the mice, we ourselves will be the losers. While it kills the mice, the fire will also destroy valuable houses and fields. So ultimately even if we get rid of the mice, there will be no house or field to live in. In our day to day life also, it is unwise to bear great losses in order to avoid a small danger or difficult situation. If one of the branches of a tree happens to rot, we should not try to chop the whole tree off instead of just cutting off the rotten branch. In other words, it is foolish to go through great risks just for the sake of avoiding a minor one. We should try to find an alternative way which without bringing further dangers or risk will solve the problem completely and effectively.

Burn Not Your House To Fright The Mouse Away.