Business Dictionary

Business Dictionary

This Business Dictionary gives the user the basic business vocabulary used in both British and American English. The dictionary contains 4,500 words and phrases which cover all aspects of business life from the office to the Stock Exchange and the international trade fair. Each word is clearly defined in very simple English. Only 470 words are used in the definitions which do not appear in the dictionary as main words. Many examples are given to show how the words are used in normal contexts and the examples themselves are translated into simple English. Some entries have simple grammar notes to remind the user of irregular word forms, constructions used with particular words, differences between American and British usage and other useful points. Because English is a world language of business, we have included short quotations to show how it is used in various countries round the world.

We would like to thank the many people who have helped in the editing of this dictionary.

The special features of this Dictionary are :

  • Basic business vocabulary of 4,500 words, with a further 3,500 derived words and compounds

  • Explanations in simple English

  • Examples of words used in context

  • Short grammatical notes on usage and constructions

  • Real quotations from current magazines and newspapers from round the world

  • Business Dictionary Index