Call No Man Happy Till He Is Dead.

Call No Man Happy Till He Is Dead. :

A wealth and healthy man is often considered as a fortunate person. In the eyes of others, he is a happy man. They envy him for his health, wealth and social status. To them they are enough to make a man happy. But misfortune can always befall a man. He may lose his wealth, power and most of all, his health. Without them, he will be a burden to others. Those people who envied him before will start to sympathize with him. The respect they had shown to him will be replaced with scorn and the envy with pity. Fate always plays an important role in every man’s life. A poor person can turn rich overnight by a single stroke of fortune. Therefore no man can be called completely happy or sad till he is dead. Death puts an end to all good and bad things in life. So if a man is rich and happy till he is dead, he can be called a truly rich and happy man. History tells us stories of many who have enjoyed immense power and wealth but lost it in the end to die miserably. Others had considered them happy and fortunate. But they proved to be otherwise in the long run making the proverb NO MAN CAN BE CALLED HAPPY TILL HE IS DEAD absolutely right.

Call No Man Happy Till He Is Dead.