Called on the carpet

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Called on the carpet : Phrases


To be held accountable for a mistake, offense, or a lie.


Jennifer's loafing at work finally caught up with her. She was
called on the carpet for not spending enough time @


In military parlance,
calledon the carpet refers to having to present oneself to a superior officer,report at attention and receive a disciplining for some offense.Sometimes a defense is allowed, but often, the communication is quite simple,clear, and unidirectional, with the recipient being forced to stand atattention while the abuse takes place.

Although no longer true, there was a time when only the top officershad carpet in their offices. Hence the carpet referred to theoffice of a senior officer.

The term is also used in the business world. To carpet someone goes back to the days of the Victorian Civil Service when attainment of a certain status carried with it the right to a piece of carpet in the office.

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