cap it all

What is the meaning of "To cap it all"?

By Khalid, Oman (11th Dec.2006)

This phrase cap-it-all is an informal expression that is frequently used in speech. It is normally used when you are talking about a sequence of bad events. Suppose a person has had the worst day of his life. How will he go about telling you this? Well, he will probably begin by saying that first this happened and then that happened. He will continue with the list of things that went wrong. And when he comes to the end of the list he will say "finally". Instead of saying "finally" or "believe it or not" the person can say "to cap it all".

Here are a few examples.

* To cap it all, the train was running twenty hours late.

• To cap it all, she found that she had left her credit card at home.

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