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  1. Milk is the best diet. (superlative)

    No other diet is so good as milk. (positive )

  2. The elephant is bigger than any other animal. (comparative)

    The elephant is the biggest animal. (superlativea0

  3. Manoj is the best bowler in the team. (superlative)

    No other bowler in the team is so good as Manoj.

  4. Nitric acid is one of the most corrosive acids.

    Nitric acid is more corrosive than most other acids.

  5. No other bird is so beautiful as peacock. (positive)

    Peacock is the most beautiful bird. (superlative)

  6. Kolkata is bigger than Chennai. (comparative)

    Chennai is no so big as Kolkata. (positive)

  7. Very few Indian Kings were as great as Akbar. (positive)

    Akbar was one of the greatest Indian kings. (superlative)

  8. Vimal is not so intelligent as Kumar. (positive)

    Kumar is more intelligent than Vimal.

  9. Very few monuments in the world are as splendid as Taj Mahal. (positive)

    Taj Mahal is one of the most splendid monuments in the world. (superlative)

  10. Rajan is the worst player in the group. (comparative)

    No other player in the group is so bad as Rajan. (positive)

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