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  1. Kapil was one of the greatest bowlers in the world. (superlative)Kapil was greater than most other bowlers in the world. (comparative)

  2. Soman was stronger than any other man. (comparative)

    Soman was the strongest man. (superlative)

  3. Balu is more mischievous than Anbu. (comparative)

    Anbu is not so mischievous as Balu. (positive)

  4. Tagore is greater than most other poets in India. (comparative)

    Very few poets in India are as great as Tagore. (positive)

  5. Leopard is not so fast as Cheetah. (positive)

    Cheetah is faster than Leopard. (comparative)

  6. The Krishna is longer than the Cauvery. (comparative)

    The Cauvery is not so long as the Krishna. (positive)

  7. The Everest is considered to be the highest peak in the world. (superlative)

    No other peak in the world is considered to be so high as Everest. (positive)

  8. Gopu in one of the most intelligent boys in the class. (superlative)

    Gopu is more intelligent than most other boys in the class. (comparative)

  9. This is the tallest tree in this village. (superlative)

    No other tree in this village is so tall as this. (positive)

  10. Bala is as clever as Rahim. (positive)

    Rahim is not cleverer than Bala. (comparative)

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