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  1. The Indus is longer than any other river in India.

    No other river in India is so long as the Indus.

  2. The elephant is the largest of all animals. (superlative)

    The elephant is larger than all other animals. (comparative degree)

  3. Uranium is heavier than most other metals. (comparative)

    Very few metals are so heavy as uranium.

  4. The elephant is more majestic than any other animals. (comparative)

    The elephant is the most majestic than any other animals. (superlative)

  5. The lotus is lovelier than the lily. (comparative)

    The lily is not so lovely as The lotus. (positive)

  6. Somu is the oldest boy in our class. (superlative)

    Somu is older than any other boy in our class. (comparative)

  7. Coffee is more harmful than tea. (comparative)

    Tea is not so harmful as coffee.

  8. Chennai is one of the biggest cities in India. (superlative)

    Chennai is bigger than most other the metals. (comparative degree)

  9. Kolkata is larger than Chennai. (comparative)

    Chennai is not so large as Chennai. (positive)

  10. Iron is more useful than all other the metals. (comparative)

    Iron is one of the most useful metals.

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