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Changing The Degree of The Adjective

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Changing The Degree of The Adjective :

  1. My father is the richest man in the town. (Superlative)

    My father is one of the richer than any other man in the town. (Comparative)

    No other man in the town is so rich as my father. (positive degree)

  2. No other city in India is so big as Kolkata. (positive degree)

    Kolkata is bigger than any other city in India. (Comparative)

    Kolkata is the biggest city in India. (superlative)

  3. Tagore is one of the greatest Indian Poets. (Superlative)

    Tagore is greater than most other Indian Poets. (Comparative)

    Very few Indian poets in India are as great as Tagore. (positive)

  4. Asoka was greater than many other emperors. (Comparative)

    Asoka was one of the greatest Emperor. (superlative)

    Very few emperors were as great as Asoka. (Superlative)

  5. Apple is costlier than mango. (comparative)

    Mango is not so costly as Apple. (positive)

  6. Murugan is not so intelligent as Ravi. (positive)

    Ravi is more intelligent than Murugan. (comparative )

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