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Character :

  • Once a knave, always a knave.

  • The fox may grow gray, but never good.

  • Of evil grain, no good seed can come.

  • He that is born a fool is never cured.

  • Cut off a dog's tail and he will be a dog still.

  • The leopard cannot change his spots.

  • You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  • You cannot make a crab walk straight.

  • When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When character is lost, all is lost.

  • A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's.

  • Character is a diamond which scratches every other stone.

  • Eagles do not breed doves.

  • Charity :

  • Charity begins at home.

  • It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  • Charity in life is more than all ceremonies.

  • With malice towards none, with charity for all.

  • In charity there is no excess.

  • Charity is a double blessing.

  • This only is charity, to do all, all that we can.

  • Charity covers a multitude of sins.
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