Circus Day Parade

Circus Day Parade :

Oh the Circus-Day parade! How the Bugles played and played!

And how the glossy horses tossed their flossy manes, and neighed,

As the rattle and rhyme of the tenor-drummer's time

Filled all the hungry hearts of us with melody sublime!

How the grand band-wagon shone with a splendor all its own,

And glittered with a glory that our dreams had never known!

And how the boys behind, high and low of every kind,

Marched in unconscious capture, with a rapture undefined!

How the horsemen, two and two, with their plumes of white and blue,

And crimson, gold and purple, nodding by at me and you,

Waved the banners that they bore, as the Knights in days of yore,

Till our glad eyes gleamed and glistened like the spangles that they wore!

How the graceless-graceful stride of the elephant was eyed,

And the capers of the little horse that cantered at his side!

How the shambling camels, tame to the plaudits of their fame,

With listless eyes came silent, masticating as they came.


Circus Day Parade

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