Clever Farmer

Clever Farmer :

One night a clever farmer was returning home from a cattle fair. He bought a buffalo from there. As he passed through a dense forest, a dacoit came in front of him. He had a thick stick in his hand. He said, "Hand over all that you have."

The farmer got scared and gave his money to the dacoit. As he turned to go, the dacoit said, "Give me the buffalo too. Why are you taking it away?"

The farmer handed over the buffalo's rope to the dacoit. Then the farmer said, ''You have taken everything of mine. Can you give me your stick?"

"Why do you need it?" the dacoit enquire "My wife will be pleased that at least I got a stick from the fair."

The dacoit gave the stick to the farmer happily. Immediately the clever farmer started beating the dacoit with the stick. The dacoit ran off to save his life leaving the buffalo and the farmer's money behind. So the clever farmer saved himself and his belongings too.

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