Clever Monu

Clever Monu :

Monu was a small boy. He was very naughty, clever and witty. His witty replies amazed everyone. One day Monu's mother sent him to the get some fruits and vegetables. Monu bought some vegetables and then went to a fruit vendor. He bought half a kilogram of pear. But the vendor was dishonest. He was cheating and weighed three fifty grams of pears only. Monu observed this and said, "These are not half kilogram of pears. These appear less."

"No, they are all right and anyway they will be easy for you to carry home."

Monu was clever. He gave money for three fifty grams of pears to the vendor. The vendor said, "I gave you half kilogram of pears. You are giving me less money."

Monu remarked, "No, the amount is correct. Besides they will be easy for you to count and carrying our pocket."

The fruit vendor was amazed at the small boy's words. Clever Monu had given him a befitting reply.

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