Cleverness of Mohit

Cleverness of Mohit :

Once, Mohit and his younger brother Sumit were alone at home. Suddenly, two men got in to the house and said, "We are your father's friends. We want a blue file he has." Actually they were terrorists.

Mohit's father was a police officer and he had brought a file home. It had information about the dens of notorious terrorists. Mohit knew the file was safe inside the cupboard. But Mohit said, "I had seen the file on the table." As the terrorists searched for the file on the table, Mohit signalled to Sumit. Sumit started crying loudly.

One of them shouted, "Stop crying, you fool!"

Mohit said, "He wants biscuits to eat. They are in kitchen's cupboard. I can't reach it."

Both of them got into the kitchen to get the biscuit. Mohit quickly locked the kitchen door and called his neighbours. Soon the police also reached Mohit's house and arrested both of the terrorists.

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