Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before.

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before. :

Usually events that are going to happen can be detected by certain signs. During the past, people believed in good and bad omens which preceded events. In natures also we can get that signs and that certain signs do occur before an on-coming event. The sky gets darkened with black clouds just before rain. Fishermen are experts in sensing a storm before it strikes. Similarly, animals wild as well as domestic have an ability to detect certain signs of changes in nature. An argument between two people may culminate in a fight. As history points out political instability and dissatisfaction among people have often materialized in riots later. If we carefully study the day to day events, We can see that all of them are connected with one another. This is the basic rule of nature. Many religious books state the same. Shrewd politicians always watch carefully the social changes. They form their political strategy by analyzing those changes. By the proverb, it is meant that the events that are to follow make themselves known to us by certain signs and symptoms.

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before.