Common Errors in English

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The concept of Common Errors is a fuzzy one. We leave to linguists the technical definitions. Here we’re concerned only with deviations from the standard use of English as judged by sophisticated users such as professional writers, editors, teachers and literate executives and personnel officers. The aim of this page is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak.

If your standard usage causes other people to consider you stupid or ignorant, you may want to consider changing it. You have the right to express yourself in any manner you please, but if you wish to communicate effectively, you should use nonstandard English only when you intend to rather than fall into it because you don’t know any better. Other sites do this. Ours is dedicated to errors in usage. This page is really aimed at the most errors of native speakers. The errors others make in English differ according to the characteristics of their first languages. Speakers of other languages tend to make some specific errors that are uncommon among native speakers.

We all commit mistakes from time to time. If you think you’ve found an error in our own writings, you are welcome to let us know it at once.

Here is the List of Errors beginning with F.

  • Factoid

  • Fair and Fare

  • Far Be It For Me ( or ) Far Be It From Me

  • Far Better, Way Better and Much More Better

  • Farther and Further

  • Fastly or Fast

  • Fatal and Fateful

  • Faze and Phase

  • Fearful and Fearsome

  • Febuary or February

  • Feel Stress ( or ) Stress On

  • Feelings For and Feelings About

  • Feint and Faint

  • Female and Woman

  • Fewer, Less, Amount and Number

  • Fiance and Fiancee

  • Filipinos and Philippines

  • Film and Video

  • Finalize, Finish, Put into Final Form

  • Fine Toothcomb or Fine Tooth Comb

  • Firey or Fiery

  • First Annual

  • Firstable or First of All

  • Fiscal and Physical

  • Fiscal or Physical

  • First Name, Last Name, Family Name and Given Name

  • Fit The Bill or Fill The Bill

  • Fittest

  • Fixing or Preparing

  • Flair and Flare

  • Flak and Flack

  • Flaunt and Flout

  • Flesh Out and Flush Out

  • Floppy Disk and Hard Disk

  • Flounder and Founder

  • Fluke

  • Flys or Flies

  • Focus Around or Focus On

  • Followup, Follow Up and Follow-Up

  • Font and Typeface

  • Foot and Feet

  • Footnotes and Endnotes

  • For All Intensive Purposes ( or ) For All Intents and Purposes

  • For, Fore and Four

  • For Free

  • For Goodness’ Sakes or For Goodness’ Sake

  • For One and For One Thing

  • For Sale and On Sale

  • For Sell and For Sale

  • For Sure and Sure

  • Forbidding, Foreboding and Formidable

  • Forceful, Forcible and Forced

  • Forego and Forgo

  • Foresee and Forsee

  • Foretell, Precurse, Foreshadow, Preface, Anticipate or Precede

  • Forever and For Ever

  • Formally and Formerly

  • Former and Late

  • Fortuitous and Fortunate

  • Forty or Fourty

  • Forward, Forwards and Foreword

  • Forward in Time or Up in Time or Back in Time

  • Foul and Fowl

  • Fowl Swoop or Fell Swoop

  • Framework and Groundwork

  • Frankenstein

  • Frankly

  • French Dip With Au Jus ( or ) French Dip

  • Freshman and Freshmen

  • From . . . To . . .

  • From The Beginning of Time, Anything More Specific, Since Time Began

  • Mount Fujiyama

  • Full Proof and Foolproof

  • Fully Well or Full Well

  • Fuls and Ful

  • Fulsome

  • Functionality

  • Furl and Furrow

  • Fushia or Fuchsias

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