Common Errors in English

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The concept of Common Errors is a fuzzy one. We leave to linguists the technical definitions. Here we’re concerned only with deviations from the standard use of English as judged by sophisticated users such as professional writers, editors, teachers and literate executives and personnel officers. The aim of this page is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak.

If your standard usage causes other people to consider you stupid or ignorant, you may want to consider changing it. You have the right to express yourself in any manner you please, but if you wish to communicate effectively, you should use nonstandard English only when you intend to rather than fall into it because you don’t know any better. Other sites do this. Ours is dedicated to errors in usage. This page is really aimed at the most errors of native speakers. The errors others make in English differ according to the characteristics of their first languages. Speakers of other languages tend to make some specific errors that are uncommon among native speakers.

We all commit mistakes from time to time. If you think you’ve found an error in our own writings, you are welcome to let us know it at once.

Here is the List of Errors beginning with G.

  • Gaff and Gaffe

  • Gamut and Gauntlet

  • Gaurd or Guard

  • Gander and Dander

  • General Practice or GP Practice

  • Genius and Brilliant

  • Gender

  • Get Me and Get Myself

  • Ghandi or Gandhi

  • Gift and Give

  • Gibe, Jibe and Jive

  • Gig and Jig

  • God

  • Gild and Guild

  • Given Name, Last Name, Family Name and First Name

  • Goal and Objective

  • Goes

  • Gonna or Going To

  • Gone and Went

  • Gone and Went : 2

  • Good and Well

  • Got and Gotten

  • Government

  • Graduate or Graduate From

  • Grammer or Grammar

  • Gratis and Gratuitous

  • Gray and Grey

  • Greatful or Grateful

  • Grievious or Grievous

  • Grisly and Grizzly

  • Grill Cheese or Grilled Cheese

  • Ground Zero

  • Groundwork and Framework

  • Group (Singular vs. Plural)

  • Grow

  • Guess Who? : Guess Who!

  • Gyp and Cheat

  • Common Errors Index