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Common Noun :

A common noun is a general, ordinary name of a person, place, animal, thing or event.

1. Girl, boy, sister, brother, player, singer (persons)

2. Hospital, country, town, park, garden (places)

3. Bird, lion, elephant, hen, rabbit (animals and birds)

4. Cartoon show, concert, football match (events)

5. Ship, book, house, bag, pen (things)

Examples :

1. Birds fly in the sky.

2. I met your brother.

3. The girl dances well.

4. The book is on the table.

5. The child is very cute.

6. The letter was written by the clerk.

7. The tree is very big.

8. Ships sail on the seas.

9. the boy plays well.

10. This flower is very beautiful.

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