Comparison Between Two

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Comparison Between Two :

In an affirmative sentence, the Positive Degree is used with as …

In a Negative sentence, the Positive Degree is used with so….as.

Examples :

  1. Mohan is as good as Madhan.

    Madhan is not better than Mohan.

  2. A donkey is not so strong as a horse.

    A horse is stronger than a donkey.

  3. Our house is as big as yours.

    Your house is not bigger than ours.

  4. His hair is not so black as mine.

    My hair is blacker than his.

  5. She can jump as high as I.

    I cannot jump higher than she.

  6. Mala is as tall as Kala.

    Kala is not taller than Mala.

  7. He is stronger than you.

    You are not so strong as he.

  8. Vijay Is taller than you.

    You are not so tall as Vijay.

  9. Raju works harder than Arun.

    Arun does not work so hard as Raju.

  10. Ram played more skilfully than Abdul.

    Ram did not play so skilfully as Abdul.

  11. Mala reads better than I.

    I do not read so good as Mala.

  12. This plan is better than that.

    That plan is not so good as this.

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