Complete The Diologue.

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Complete The Diologue. :

Complete The Diologue.

Examples : 1 (The dialogue is between a Doctor and a Patient)

Doctor : What is your complaint?

Patient : I am having high fever.

Doctor : How long have you been suffering from?

Patient : I have been suffering for the last 3days.

Doctor : Will you have an injection test?

Patient : Yes, Sir I shall have an injection test.

Doctor : You will be alright after the injection.

Patient : Thank you sir.

Examples : 2 (the dialogue is between a +2 passed Student and the Principal)

Principal : What do you want?

Student : I want admission into B.Sc., sir.

Principal : Where did you complete +2?

Student : I completed my +2 in Madurai.

Principal : Which subject do you want to study?

Student : I want to study Chemistry main.

Principal : Where will you stay?

Student : I will stay in my uncle’s house.

Principal : Are you ready to pay the fee?

Student : Yes, Sir, I am ready to pay fees.

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