Complete The Diologue.

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Complete The Diologue. :

Complete The Diologue.

Examples : 1 (Kumar has come to Madurai to buy a Bajaj scooter. He talks to a mechanic in a workshop.)

Kumar : Excuse me. I’m a stranger to this place. I want a Bajaj Scooter.

Mechanic : A new one or an old one?

Kumar : A new one.

Mechanic : You have to go Susee Auto.

Kumar : Where is it?

Mechanic: It’s near Mappillai Vinayagar theatre.

Kumar : Are there city buses to the place?

Mechanic: Yes, there are city buses to the place. You can pick up bus nos.55, 21, 64.

Kumar : Where should I get off?

Mechanic : You should get off at Susee Auto shop.

Examples : 2 (A lawyer cross examines a witness.)

Lawyer : Is your name Gopalakrishnan?

Witness : Yes, my name is Gopalakrishnan.

Lawyer : Did you see the murder with your own eyes.

Witness : Yes, Sir, I saw the murder with my own eyes.

Lawyer : Where was the accused standing then?

Witness : The accused was standing under the tree.

Lawyer : What did the accused kill the man with?

Witness : The accused killed the man with an axe.

Lawyer : Did you complain the matter to the police?

Witness : Yes, I complained the matter to the police.

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