Complete The Diologue.

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Complete The Diologue. :

Complete The Diologue.

Examples : 1 (The dialogue is between a Headmaster and a Student.)

Headmaster : What do you want?

Student : I want my T.C. Sir.

Headmaster : When did you complete SSL?

Student : I completed my S.S.L.C. in 2004.

Headmaster : Why do you need it?

Student : I need it for admission in a Higher Secondary School.

Headmaster : Have you given your application?

Student : Yes, Sir, I gave my application to-day morning.

Examples : 2 (A candidate attends an interview.)

Manager : Are you a graduate?

Candidate : Yes, Sir, I am a graduate.

Manager : Have you worked as a typist?

Candidate : No, Sir, I have not worked as a typist before.

Manager : Short hand?

Candidate : I do not know.

Manager : When did you pass B.Com?

Candidate : I passed my B.Com. last year.

Manager : Can you handle the correspondence independently?

Candidate : Yes, I can handle correspondence independently.

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