Complete The Diologue.

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Complete The Diologue. :

Complete The Diologue.

Examples : 1 (Headmaster and Pupil)

Headmaster : What do you want?

Pupil : I am sorry. I forget to bring my report card, Sir.

Headmaster : In future don’t commit this mistake?

Pupil : Yes, sir, I will try not to be careless in future, Sir.

Headmaster : When will you bring it?

Pupil : I will bring it tomorrow certainly.

Headmaster : If you do not bring tomorrow you will be fined.

Pupil : Yes sir, I know I will be fined if I don’t bring it tomorrow.

Examples : 2 (Mala and Neela)

Mala : I’m going to Bombay tomorrow.

Neela : How many days will you stay there?

Mala : I’ll stay there for a month.

Neela : Are you going by train.

Mala : Yes. I am going by train.

Neela : Is any other accompanying with you?

Mala : No, No one is accompanying me.

Neela : Will you stay in a lodge?

Mala : No. I’ll stay in my uncle’s house.

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