Complete The Diologue.

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Complete The Diologue. :

Complete The Diologue.

Examples : 1 (The dialogue is between a Booking clerk and a passenger.)

Booking clerk :
Do you want first class ticket?

Passenger : Sir, I want only 1st class ticket.

Booking Clerk : The fare of Bangalore is Rs. 245/-

Passenger :
What is the time of departure?

Booking clerk : The departure time is 6.00p.m.

Passenger :
When will the train reach Bangalore?

Booking Clerk : The train will reach Bangalore at 6.a.m. tomorrow.

Passenger :
Thank you.

Examples : 2 (Teacher asking about absentees)

Teacher : Is there any absentee today?

Kala :
Yes, Kamala is absent Madam.

Teacher : What happened to her?

Kala :
She is suffering from head ache.

Teacher : Has she sent the leave letter.

Kala :
yes. She has sent the leave letter.

Teacher : who brought this leave letter?

Kala :
Reena brought the leave letter.

Teacher : Will you ask Reena to meet me?

Kala : Yes.
I will ask her to meet you.

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